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Doncaster Corporation Tramways was an electric tramway network serving the town of Doncaster, England.

Tramway services begun in 1902 and ended in 1928-35. Trams were replaced by trolleybuses, which themselves were replaced by motor buses in 1963.

The networkEdit

Doncaster Corporation Tramways was a standard gauge Template:RaxeilGaxeuge network serving the entire Doncaster district, linking the town centre to Old Hexthorpe, Balby and Warmsworth, Oxford Street, Hyde Park, the Racecourse, Avenue Road, Beckett Road, Bentley and Brodsworth. From York Bar to Brodsworth, the tramway ran on a three-mile-long reserved track past Scawthorpe and Woodlands.

All trams terminated either at the station or at Trafford Street.

The trolleybusesEdit

The trolleybuses first served as an extension to the tramway network before replacing it. The Hyde Park line was extended to the Racecourse, Avenue Road to Wheatley Hills, Beckett Road to Parkway and Playfairs Corner to Bentley via Victoria Road.

Traxem depotsEdit

250px|right|thumb|Doncaster trams' depots. The two depots were next to each other, near the powerstation.

Greyfriars Road depotEdit

The shed stood where Tesco supermarket now stands, next to North Bridge. It had seven running roads. The eastern end of the shed was a paintshop.

Frenchgate depotEdit

Frenchgate was a smaller depot and had three running roads.

Rolling stockEdit

Doncaster Corporation used three types of vehicles.

  • 25 — 1902 four-wheeled open-top tramcars.
  • 21 — 1920 four-sheeled covered-top tramcars.
  • 1 — 1920 demi-car.

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