This is a list of rapid transit systems around the world. Such systems are commonly called metros, subways, elevated railways, rapid rail, or underground railways. The list is ordered by continent, country and city, and the systems are listed along with their opening year, system length and number of stations.


There is no single and unambiguous definition of a rapid transit system, but the term often refers to systems that are called metro, subway or underground.[1] Whereas the words subway and underground indicate that the system is sub-surface, the terms metro and rapid transit typically also include systems that are elevated or at surface level. A popular definition of metro is urban, electric passenger transportation system with high capacity and high frequency of service, which is totally independent from other traffic, road or pedestrians.[2][3] The terms heavy rail (mainly in North America) and heavy urban rail have similar definitions.[4][5]

The dividing line between rapid transit and other modes of public transport, such as light rail and commuter rail, is not always clear. A common way to distinguish rapid transit systems from light rail is by their separation from other traffic. While light rail systems may share roads or have level crossings, a rapid transit system runs on a grade-separated exclusive right-of-way, with no access for pedestrians and other traffic. And in contrast to commuter rail, rapid transit systems are primarily used for transport within a city, and have higher service frequency, typically not more than 10 minutes between trains during normal daytime service. Furthermore, rapid transit systems do not share tracks with freight trains or inter-city rail services. It is however not relevant whether the system runs on steel wheels or rubber tyres, or if the power supply is from a third rail or overhead lines.

The name of the system is not a criterion for inclusion. Some cities use rapid transit or metro as a brand name for a transit line with no component of rapid transit whatsoever. Similarly, there are systems branded light rail that meet every criteria for being a rapid transit system. Some systems also incorporate light metro or light rail lines as part of the larger system under a common name. These are listed, but the light rail lines are not counted for in the provided network data. Certain transit networks match the technical level and service standards of rapid transit, but reach far out of the city and are commonly known or better described as regional or commuter rail. These are not included. Neither are monorail and funicular systems, nor people movers, such as amusement park, ski resort and airport transportation systems.


Location Name Opened Stations Length
Cairo Cairo Metro[6] 1987 53 Template:Km to mi


Location Name Opened Stations Length
Beijing Beijing Subway 1969 83 Template:Km to mi
Chongqing Chongqing Metro 2005 18 Template:Km to mi
Dalian Dalian Metro[7] 2003 12 Template:Km to mi
Guangzhou Guangzhou Metro 1997 60 Template:Km to mi
Hong Kong MTR 1979 82 Template:Km to mi
Nanjing Nanjing Metro 2005 17 Template:Km to mi
Shanghai Shanghai Metro 1995 162 Template:Km to mi
Shenzhen Shenzhen Metro 2004 19 Template:Km to mi
Tianjin Tianjin Metro 1984 22 Template:Km to mi
Wuhan Wuhan Metro 2004 10 Template:Km to mi
Chennai Chennai Mass Rapid Transit System 1997 17 Template:Km to mi
Kolkata Kolkata Metro 1984 17 Template:Km to mi
Delhi Delhi Metro 2002 59 Template:Km to mi
Tehran Tehran Metro 2000 40 Template:Km to mi
Haifa Carmelit 1956 6 Template:Km to mi
Fukuoka Fukuoka City Subway 1981 35 Template:Km to mi
Hiroshima Astram Line 1994 21 Template:Km to mi
Kobe Kobe Rapid Railway 1968 10 Template:Km to mi
Kobe Municipal Subway 1977 25 Template:Km to mi
Kyoto Kyoto Municipal Subway 1981 29 Template:Km to mi
Nagoya Nagoya Municipal Subway 1957 83 Template:Km to mi
Osaka Osaka Municipal Subway 1933 101 Template:Km to mi
Saitama Saitama Rapid Railway Line 2001 8 Template:Km to mi
Sapporo Sapporo Municipal Subway 1971 46 Template:Km to mi
Sendai Sendai Subway 1987 17 Template:Km to mi
(23 special wards)
Tokyo Metro 1927 165 Template:Km to mi
Toei Subway 1960 106 Template:Km to mi
Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit 1996 8 Template:Km to mi
Yokohama Yokohama Municipal Subway 1972 32 Template:Km to mi
Minatomirai Line 2004 6 Template:Km to mi
Pyongyang Pyongyang Metro 1973 17 Template:Km to mi
Busan Busan Subway 1985 95 Template:Km to mi
Daegu Daegu Subway 1997 55 Template:Km to mi
Daejeon Daejeon Subway 2006 22 Template:Km to mi
Gwangju Gwangju Subway 2004 14 Template:Km to mi
Incheon Incheon Subway 1999 22 Template:Km to mi
Seoul Seoul Subway 1974 266 Template:Km to mi
Kuala Lumpur Ampang Line 1996 25 Template:Km to mi
Kelana Jaya Line 1998 24 Template:Km to mi
Manila Manila Light Rail Transit System 1984 29 Template:Km to mi
Manila Metro Rail Transit System 1999 13 Template:Km to mi
Singapore Mass Rapid Transit 1987 64 Template:Km to mi
Taipei Taipei Rapid Transit System 1996 67 Template:Km to mi
Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit 2008 23 Template:Km to mi
Bangkok Bangkok Skytrain 1999 23 Template:Km to mi
Bangkok Metro 2004 18 Template:Km to mi
Tashkent Tashkent Metro 1977 29 39.1 km (24.4 mi)


Location Name Opened Stations Length
Yerevan Yerevan Metro 1981 10 Template:Km to mi
Vienna Vienna U-Bahn 1976 90 Template:Km to mi
Baku Baku Metro 1967 20 Template:Km to mi
Minsk Minsk Metro 1984 25 Template:Km to mi
Brussels Brussels Metro 1969 68 Template:Km to mi
Sofia Sofia Metro 1998 8 Template:Km to mi
Prague Prague Metro 1974 57 Template:Km to mi
Copenhagen Copenhagen Metro 2002 22 Template:Km to mi
Helsinki Helsinki Metro 1982 17 Template:Km to mi
Lille Lille Metro 1983 60 Template:Km to mi
Lyon Lyon Metro 1968 39 Template:Km to mi
Marseille Marseille Metro 1977 24 Template:Km to mi
Paris Paris Métro[8] 1900 298 Template:Km to mi
Rennes Rennes Metro 2002 15 Template:Km to mi
Toulouse Toulouse Metro 1993 37 Template:Km to mi
Tbilisi Tbilisi Metro 1966 22 Template:Km to mi
Berlin Berlin U-Bahn[9] 1902 170 Template:Km to mi
Hamburg Hamburg U-Bahn 1912 89 Template:Km to mi
Munich Munich U-Bahn 1971 98 Template:Km to mi
Nuremberg Nuremberg U-Bahn 1972 41 Template:Km to mi
Athens Athens Metro 2000 52 Template:Km to mi
Budapest Budapest Metro 1896 40 Template:Km to mi
Catania Catania Metro 1999 6 Template:Km to mi
Genoa Genoa Metro 1990 7 Template:Km to mi
Milan Milan Metro 1964 86 Template:Km to mi
Naples Naples Metro[10] 1993 28 Template:Km to mi
Rome Rome Metro 1955 48 Template:Km to mi
Turin Metrotorino 2006 15 Template:Km to mi
Amsterdam Amsterdam Metro[11] 1977 33 Template:Km to mi
Rotterdam Rotterdam Metro 1968 38 Template:Km to mi
Oslo Oslo T-bane 1966 104 Template:Km to mi
Warsaw Warsaw Metro 1995 19 Template:Km to mi
Lisbon Lisbon Metro 1959 46 Template:Km to mi
Bucharest Bucharest Metro 1979 45 Template:Km to mi
Kazan Kazan Metro 2005 5 Template:Km to mi
Moscow Moscow Metro[12] 1935 176 Template:Km to mi
Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod Metro 1985 13 Template:Km to mi
Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Metro 1986 12 Template:Km to mi
Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Metro 1955 60 Template:Km to mi
Samara Samara Metro 1987 9 Template:Km to mi
Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg Metro 1991 7 Template:Km to mi
Barcelona Barcelona Metro[13] 1924 123 Template:Km to mi
Bilbao Bilbao Metro 1995 36 Template:Km to mi
Madrid Madrid Metro[14] 1919 231 Template:Km to mi
Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca Metro 2007 9 Template:Km to mi
Valencia Valencia Metro[15] 1988 37 Template:Km to mi
Stockholm Stockholm Metro[16] 1950 100 Template:Km to mi
Ankara Ankaray 1996 11 Template:Km to mi
Ankara Metro 1997 12 Template:Km to mi
Istanbul Istanbul LRT 1989 36 Template:Km to mi
Istanbul Metro 2000 6 Template:Km to mi
İzmir İzmir Metro 2000 10 Template:Km to mi
Bursa Bursaray 2002 23 Template:Km to mi
Dnipropetrovsk Dnipropetrovsk Metro 1995 6 Template:Km to mi
Kharkiv Kharkiv Metro 1975 28 Template:Km to mi
Kiev Kiev Metro 1960 45 Template:Km to mi
Glasgow Glasgow Subway 1896 15 Template:Km to mi
London London Underground[17] 1863 269 Template:Km to mi
Docklands Light Railway 1987 39 Template:Km to mi
Newcastle upon Tyne & Sunderland Tyne & Wear Metro 1980 60 Template:Km to mi

North AmericaEdit

Location Name Opened Stations Length
Montreal Montreal Metro 1966 68 Template:Km to mi
Toronto Toronto subway and RT 1954 69 Template:Km to mi
Vancouver SkyTrain 1985 33 Template:Km to mi
Santo Domingo Metro de Santo Domingo 2008 16 Template:Km to mi
Mexico City Mexico City Metro 1969 198 Template:Km to mi
Monterrey Monterrey Metro 1991 28 Template:Km to mi
Guadalajara Guadalajara Metro 1989 28 Template:Km to mi
San Juan Tren Urbano 2004 16 Template:Km to mi
Atlanta MARTA 1979 38 Template:Km to mi
Baltimore Metro Subway 1983 14 Template:Km to mi
Boston MBTA[18] 1901 51 Template:Km to mi
Chicago Chicago 'L' 1892 144 Template:Km to mi
Cleveland RTA Rapid Transit (Red Line) 1955 18 Template:Km to mi
Los Angeles Los Angeles County Metro Rail[19] 1993 16 Template:Km to mi
Miami Miami Metrorail 1984 22 Template:Km to mi
New York New York City Subway[20] 1870 422 Template:Km to mi
Port Authority Trans-Hudson 1908 13 Template:Km to mi
Philadelphia SEPTA 1907 73 Template:Km to mi
PATCO Speedline 1936 13 Template:Km to mi
San Francisco Bay Area Bay Area Rapid Transit[21] 1972 43 Template:Km to mi
Washington, D.C. Metrorail 1976 86 Template:Km to mi

South AmericaEdit

Location Name Opened Stations Length
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Metro 1913 74 Template:Km to mi
Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte Metro 1986 19 Template:Km to mi
Brasília Brasília Metro 2001 24 Template:Km to mi
Porto Alegre Porto Alegre Metro 1985 17 Template:Km to mi
Recife Recife Metro 1985 20 Template:Km to mi
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Metro 1979 32 Template:Km to mi
SuperVia 1998 89 Template:Km ro mi
São Paulo São Paulo Metro 1974 55 Template:Km to mi
CPTM 1992 87 Template:Km to mi
Santiago de Chile Santiago Metro 1975 105 Template:Km to mi
Valparaíso Valparaiso Metro 2005 20 Template:Km to mi
Medellín Metro de Medellín 1995 31 Template:Km to mi
Lima Lima Metro 2003 7 Template:Km to mi
Caracas Caracas Metro 1983 44 Template:Km to mi
Los Teques Los Teques Metro 2006 2 Template:Km to mi
Maracaibo Maracaibo Metro 2006 3 Template:Km to mi
Valencia Valencia Metro 2006 7 Template:Km to mi

Notes Edit

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