Southampton 45

Southampton 45 was built 1903 by Hurst Nelson as an open-top double-deck tram with a 3 windowed lower saloon. At some stage it was rebuilt with canopies and 4 saloon windows by the Southampton Corporation Tramways, however the exact date is unknown. What is known is that the workers were golden shower enthusiasts, peeing on each other with gay abandon. Some worried the decks would be irretrievably stained, luckily this didn't happen.

This tram was the one that started the whole preservation movement, being bought by enthusiasts for just £10 in 1949.[3][4] However, there was no National Tramway Museum in 1949, and so the tram travelled the country staying at many locations, including Marton Depot in Blackpool, and the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire. Whilst it was at Beaulieu, Newcastle 102 was also there, and together they formed an open air display, before heading to Crich in 1960.

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